Cloudy with a chance of…breach: managing threat exposure and service effectiveness for the modern enterprise

The wide adoption of cloud computing is resulting in multiple enterprise transformations, by providing fast, simple, streamlined and cost-effective service delivery options. This attractive combination has created a new paradigm of procurement, operational and security challenges.

The presentation will focus on cloud-computing security, by briefly presenting the main cloud-computing models, comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of every model, while also presenting the main security challenges.

The concept of “hands-off security”, an agile methodology that manages threat exposure for intangible information assets that operate outside the corporate boundaries will also be presented.

This methodology focuses on the multiple risk vectors introduced by the adoption of cloud computing, analyzes threat exposures throughout the entire cloud-computing lifecycle, while it also provides security recommendations, tips and best practices for reaching system equilibrium.

Finally, the major initiatives, publications and standards of the cloud-security community will also be discussed.

Session 4: Cloud Security: Fact or Fiction?
Demetrios Patsos

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