Be the Hunter – Intelligence Driven Security

The aim of this session is to present and reflect on a converged approach to organizational cyber threat as a means of addressing blended threats. The need for strong and proactive cyber security and threat intelligence and management has never been greater than it is now. The importance of reducing risk and protecting sensitive information assets is paramount to national security and to the financial well-being of  the industry. Both public and private enterprises face the growing threat of hackers, aggressive competitors and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) from adversary nation-states. A robust tactical operations strategy is required to proactively detect, deny and demobilize these advanced threats. In this session we aim to addresses the increasing risks associated with advance cyber-attacks and emerging threats. Using a tactical based approach and predictive analytics, the session will encourage discussion on developing innovative defence, discovery, architectural design, testing, implementation and operations. . We discuss the idea of converged security in the context of wider trends towards enterprise-wide approaches to risk management, and present a model demonstrating how converged security can be undertaken.

Session 3: Incident Response and Cyber Forensics
Azeem Aleem

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